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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I tried the bantu knots that my sister tried and

The first time I tried the bantu knot, I wet my hair.

    • -Wet hair-wash or spray it wet
    • -put a part in your hair for bangs, part down the middle, or part on one of the sides
    • -grab a small section
    • -put either leave in conditioner, curl enhancer, or gel without alcohol ( I tried all 3)
    • -and separate into 2 parts and (some like using big sections of hair for each twist)
    • -start twisting all the way to the ends so that it holds
    • -keep grabbing small sections and twisting to the ends until the whole head is twisted
    • -Then each twist is held at the top and then wrapped into a ball.

      When I finished, it turned out nice, but I would have liked more texture. The main issue is, that in the morning my hair was still wet. The waves are smaller and the hair is more elongated.

      The bantu knot on dry hair.

      Follow the steps above, except 1. and 4. For step 4. I just used leave in conditioner. In the morning the bantu knots were nice again, still I wanted more texture. I did like the way my hair looked better in the bantu knots styled while wet, but I think that if I tried the bantu knot on dry hair again I would get the desired results-more texture. It is fuller and has bigger waves.

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